About Us

Gladheart Acres was founded in 2003 by Rick and Tammy Shields in Palmer Alaska. The products had been developed by Tammy over years of research, testing, and refining. She eventually had a repertoire of recipes that she knew were one-of-a-kind and decided to bring her lovely products to market.

The debut of Gladheart Acres was at a Craft Show at Colony High School - a tradition that is carried on to this day.

There have been ups and downs throughout the years as the family has grown and changed and married and even as its dad passed too soon from this life. One of the constants though, has been a demand that was never completely met by the supply. It was a sure sign that Gladheart Acres customers were pleased with the products that were lovingly crafted in the family's home.

The original website passed away with Rick, the tech expert, in August 2014. The products continued to be produced in small quantities by Tammy and one of her at-home daughters and were sold at local Palmer / Wasilla stores.

But now it's 2020. Gladheart Acres has been passed to the next generation through the sale to Haylee - the 3rd daughter in the line of 8 kids. Haylee and her husband are carrying on the family legacy and building a team that will produce the quantities of products that you, our customers, have always desired.

This online store is where you'll be able to find your favorite products and hopefully some new ones too.  We are excited to serve you and wish you a Gladhearted day!