Love, Oil, and Perfume

Yesterday I had the air conditioner in my vehicle blasting to keep me cool.  Today I put on leggings and boots as I felt the chill in the air.  A thin layer of dewy frost spread across our front grass and the wipers shoved off the residue of the chilly night as I left for work this morning.  

Every year Fall seems to arrive out of nowhere, surprising me with the suddenness of its arrival.  Perhaps this year more so than others.  Our summer was one of the craziest on record.  The warm sunny months brought us a new baby and with him came all the things life with a newborn is known for:  sleepless nights and poopy diapers and learning all over again how to integrate a new human into our already busy lives.  He seemed to fit right in - sleeping well almost from the start and smiling at his big brothers and firmly grasping hold of our love.  He has been a reminder to me that we do have a Good, Good Father who loves to give us good things.

Summer also brought a tidal wave of envelopes and mail and political discussions to my dining room table as we worked through a contested Primary to send my husband to the State House.  Many, many wee-hour mornings and sisters crashing on the couch and crooked labels and friendly bantering brought us to August 18th where we watched our hard work rewarded with 70% of the vote.  Now that is, as my husband says, a mandate.  The voters spoke and decided that they wanted my husband to represent them - what an honor! Now we move forward into another busy season preparing for the General election when the final decision will be made.

So it seemed more stark than ever that when I woke up this morning, it had become Fall without me even realizing it was coming.  My Facebook friends are posting their lovely photos of their garden harvests and beekeeping friends are showing the beauty that has been created from the sunshine and pollen.  My boys' pants are becoming too short and our hedge is turning red.  All signs that a new season has come to be embraced by us or pass us by.  I've chosen to embrace.  

The new season brings changes unlike any my family has experienced.  A move to Juneau is on the horizon (if the General election is won), my mom has come to live on our property in a cozy cottage we had built for her, our team has grown and changed, and I have personally set out on an endeavor to start losing these extra pounds that I'm continually blaming on the baby (I should probably instead blame them more accurately on ice cream).  These things are our "new normal" while we continue to embrace each other, literally and figuratively, and await our world to go back into order.   

Seasons are embraced at the same time our changed world brings a bit of anxiousness and stress.  We look out over the next several months, months that normally bring the hecticness of Christmas shows, and wonder instead what this year will look like.  So far many of our Christmas shows have either been canceled, are in limbo, or even moved earlier (like the Vintage Market).  As a numbers person, I'm looking at our 4th quarter with a bit of skepticism, wondering how we'll gain the ground we need to match previous years.  But all the while knowing that the things that have always been part of our experience are ones that will pull us through: excellent products, friendly faces, and amazing customers!  So while our selling might look different this Fall and Winter, we hope you feel the same sense of family and community coming from your friends at Gladheart Acres.  

Today I leave you with a beautiful sentiment from Proverbs that says

"Oil and perfume make the heart glad"

We hope you will share that glad-hearted spirit with your friends and family this Season through our products that are created with love, oil, and perfume.

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  • Congratulations on your beautiful family and wonderful products. I have been buying your soap and giving as gifts for many years.


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