A Family Introduction

I promised an introduction to my family in my last blog post, and am excited for you to "meet" the people who mean the very most to me. These are the folks who keep me busier than I ever thought possible, who drive me crazy at times, who make my life a loud cacophony of nerf bullets and marble sets, politics and philosophy, and learning and growing. And love. So much love, both given and received. These are my people, my family, my heart: 


 Justice Daniel:  My oldest child, born in March of 2014, who changed my life forever by making me a mom and letting me experience a new, exploding yet deep, wild yet steady, kind of love. My pregnancy, labor and delivery with Justice was the easiest so far of all three of my boys - he came in a quieter, gentler way than the other ones have.  

Justice has a mind like Daddy (Christopher), always trying to unpack the deep issues of life and doing a remarkable job at it. He's my grown up kid in a 5 year old's body. He would rather spend his days reading and writing (and does so on a regular basis). He's the kid that you trust to do the things that a 12 year old does - because he is mature and competent and obedient (most of the time! We won't mention the few times he's acted outside of his character because, well, they were doozies!). 

This boy of ours has big dreams for the future, and inherited the entreprenuerial spirit that lives in most of my family members and was passed down from my parents. He says he's going to own 3 businesses: an excavating business, a house flipping business (he regularly asks to watch the show Flip or Flop!), and a pizza business. I suppose he'll have to feed his hard working crew and pizza is a pretty good bet!  



Samuel Richard: At 4 years old, Samuel is all boy. He loves monster trucks and excavators, climbing things and making messes! He is the only one who has had to go to an urgent care (we avoided stitches, but barely), and is the one who makes my heart stop on a regular basis.  

But for all his boyish enthusiasm and craziness, Samuel is also my tender-hearted child. He still likes to cuddle (if he slows down long enough to do it!). Every baby is a wonder to Sam and he treats them gently and lovingly. When the boys met our third child right after he was born, Justice was the one standing back a ways asking questions like "mommy, did your water break?" while Sam was right up next to us caressing and kissing both me and his baby brother.  

We laugh about Samuel because so often he seems like he's in a world of his own - and sometimes I want to go there with him so I can know what it's like. I imagine it's a world of magic, crazy, wild things that only he can concoct. Sam knows little about the real world and has pledged to give all his money to Justice for his businesses in the future!  



Finney Zachariah - Named for a great evangelist, Finney is my youngest boy (until May when the new one comes!). Finney has blossomed in the last 6 months - and has almost made me forget that he is not yet 2 years old. He loves to talk, is already very opinionated, and has recently discovered that he can escape from the confines of his crib. 

Finney likes to be helpful and is surprisingly so for his age. He really hates when Daddy or I take his morning diaper to the trash because that is, as he says "my job". Finney loves getting dressed up for Church or other events and when he is, will smooth his clothes down with his hands and say "handsome". With his little bowler hat and vest and tie, he's certainly got that part right - the boy is adorable! 


Christopher, my HusbandWhere to start to introduce the man who is complex and complicated, sometimes aloof and distracted, yet committed and kind toward both me and our boys? When we were dating, this man made me explore philosophical and theological topics that were often too hard for others. He made me ask questions of myself and answer (a million!) more. We met in 2010, were friends for several months (until I asked him if our friendship was more than just that), were engaged in August of 2012 and married December 29th of the same year.  

When you're first in a relationship or newly married, it's easy to write about the great qualities of the one you love - those qualities are almost all you can see. But I can honestly say, after 7 years of being married to this man, that his qualities are continually evident and I'm proud to be married to him. Christopher is the most committed, passionate, dedicated man I've ever met; someone who is passionate about defending truth, protecting the innocent, and living to glorify God. He can spend hours explaining advanced concepts to the boys (mostly Justice, since Sam will be distracted after about 5 minutes) and is the one I tell the boys to go talk to when they ask a question that I can't answer.  

Christopher is a dreamer - a visionary man who thinks about the future and our family, about politics and law, about creating a legacy for our sons and about buying properties all over the world. His enthusiasm to be a good example and role model to our sons and his overwhelming desire to make a difference in this world are never changing.   

I could go on - there's so many layers to Christopher - and, I'll admit, they're not all wonderful. But overall, this is a man who is an example to not only me, but other people around him. He's someone that I'm so grateful to be the daddy of my children and to have chosen me to spend the rest of his life with. Christopher is my soulmate in every sense of the word. I can't wait to see what the future holds with him beside me! 


Me (Haylee) - I waited until last to introduce myself, because I find it hard to do it. Who am I? An accountant. But that sounds really boring and I don't like to be boring! I am a business owner - definitely part of who I am. I own and manage Noble Business Services, a kick-butt accounting firm with a team of 4 of us and, now, also Gladheart Acres. I also am the mom to the boys I wrote about earlier and wife to Christopher (who's currently running for State House here in Alaska).  

I don't have much free time, but when I do, I enjoy sewing and used to do it a lot back before I was married. I also enjoy reading - my genre of choice would be business and leadership books, but I do enjoy a good novel! I find it hard to concentrate or work when my house is messy or disorganized, and even though it's a popular concept that dirty houses mean happy kids, I don't necessarily embrace that. I can be a better and happier mommy when my house is put together well! 

The winters in Alaska grate at me and if the Summers are 55 degrees, I start talking about leaving for warmer climates. I have pain in my hip from a prior injury and the cold definitely makes it worse. So most of my time is spent inside - though since we moved to our new place in January, I've loved being in my beautiful yard and anticipate Spring more than ever before. 

Our life is very full and busy and I love it. When there have been times of less busy-ness, we start to feel restless and wonder what else we should be doing. Christopher and I spend our days talking and dreaming and planning for the future. We love all (ok, most) of the parts of life that make us who we are. We are happy and fulfilled and excited to be together still. We are family and that is the most important. 

 From our gladheart to yours, 




  • *correction: House seat.

    Jeanine M Bennett
  • Would you tell me more about your husband running for a Senate seat ? I recognized your last name as being that of a former legislator, a lady with your last name, a few years ago when you got married :-) I’m looking forward to Alaskans replacing a great deal of those in office at this time and follow the “Defend our PFD” and other sites similar to that. Would love to hear his ideas on that issue !! Thanks Haylee <3

    Jeanine M Bennett

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