Growing Up Glad

  • The Greatest of These is Love

    This transformative takeover of love will be long-lasting.  It will be healing. It will be restorative.  It will teach our children to see each other without thought to skin color or ability or status.  It will help us embrace a kindness not often espoused by today's "keyboard warriors".  It will allow our differences to be points of conversation and not contention.  It will bring us together instead of drive us apart.  
  • Love, Oil, and Perfume

    Yesterday I had the air conditioner in my vehicle blasting to keep me cool.  Today I put on leggings and boots as I felt the chill in the air.  A thin layer of dewy frost spread across our front grass and the wipers shoved off the residue of the chilly night as I left for work this morning.  

  • Thoughts: Unquarantined

    These really are unprecedented times - ones that will go down in history books. And as those who are living through these history-making times, it's alright (even appropriate) to share the thoughts swirling around in our brains.

  • Washing Away Fear

    There is a lot of fear floating around these days, seeping into the bones of Americans, creating unrest and panic in some, leaving most of us confu...
  • Being a Can Person in a World of Cant's

    Last night I parked in the handicap spot at the grocery store. Now don't worry - I have the little placard that says I'm allowed to. However, if yo...
  • On Dreaming and Doing

    The beginning of the year is always a good time to think about and write about goals for the coming year. Christopher and I celebrate our annivers...
  • A Family Introduction

    I promised an introduction to my family in my last blog post, and am excited for you to "meet" the people who mean the very most to me. These are t...
  • A Transition of Love

      It's been a few days since my mom, the original owner of Gladheart Acres, announced that she had sold it to my husband and I. We had signed th...